My Summer with City Academy’s Diva Dance Course

Dancing has always been a passion of mine. So to fulfil that fervour; over the summer I signed up for City Academy’s Diva dance course. My particular course (as the dance courses differ) ran for 7 weeks. And over that period, I learned a routine to the whole of ‘End of Time’ by Beyoncé. To be honest, at the beginning I was apprehensive. I wondered; how was I going to remember a 3 to 4-minute dance routine without stopping? However, as we progressed to the final weeks the idea of dancing for that long became more believable. And in the end, I finally did it!

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The Pros

Boosted My Self Esteem

In terms of pros of this experience; the first reason why I liked the Diva Dance course is because it helped with my self-esteem in two ways: 1) The boost in confidence encouraged me to continue dancing and improving on my technique. 2) It made me better understand that dance as an art form requires a lot of time and dedication. And so comparing myself to professional dancers on Youtube, who probably spend hours perfecting their craft is redundant.

My Classmates Were Fabulous!

A second reason why this course banged is because I was in such a strong class. Everyone remembered the routine each week which meant we were able to progress smoothly and quickly. Moreover, everyone was friendly, which was a relief because I hate unnecessary bitchiness; it always ruins an experience.

Accommodated to My Awful Bedtime

Another reason why I enjoyed the Diva Dance Course was because the classes started in the evening. Not gonna lie, your girl was going to bed at 2 am so any earlier than 7 pm (which was around the time the classes were held) would’ve been hell!

The Dance Routine Was Great for Beginners

A fourth reason why I enjoyed the Diva Dance course is because it was suitable for beginners. I say this because I’m not a professional dancer and the dance routine lasted for 3 to 4 minutes. If the routine was difficult, I probably would’ve not enjoyed the course. (And don’t get me wrong I am a good dancer but they’re levels to what I can do)

A Perfect Source of Exercise

The last thing I liked about the Diva Dance course is, it was a great source of exercise. Especially towards the final weeks of the course. It was getting to a point where we had learnt most of the routine so, we were going over it again and again and again. I felt like each part of my body was pushed to the limit (which felt wonderful). This course inspired me to use dance classes as a form of regular exercise in the future.

The Cons

Wasn’t Value for Money

Although City Academy’s Diva Dance course had many favourable attributes. There was one aspect of it that I didn’t like, and that was the price. The course was £90 yes ninety pounds! Which wasn’t worth the experience I got. And I say this because certain aspects of the course could’ve been improved to match the expensive price. For example, the dance room. I hated the dance room due to the lack of space. I wasn’t able to move as freely as I wanted to. And I kept on bumping into people. Also, since the dance room wasn’t as spacious, you were kind of forced to come early just to get a favourable spot to dance in. This was a pain for me as I didn’t live that close to the location of the dance course. So that meant I would’ve had to leave extra early just to secure a good spot.

Apart from the size of the dance hall. The duration of the classes is another aspect that could’ve been improved, to match the £90 I paid. I feel like there wasn’t enough time to perfect the routine. If we had more time such as 2 hours per class or even more weeks, my execution of the routine and technique would’ve been better. (But alas that wasn’t the case)

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Final Thoughts

Although City Academy’s Diva Dance Course cost me a lot of coins, and therefore I probably won’t be going back there anytime soon. Overall, I really enjoyed this particular experience; it was really fun; it boosted my confidence and was a great source of exercise. Furthermore, I finally got to dance! This experience has encouraged to me keep going to dance classes, however more affordable ones.

Love Chizoba x


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