3 Important Lessons I’ve Learnt from University… So Far

It’s been a year and a half since I first came to uni, and overall it’s been a rewarding and interesting experience. Since being here I’ve learnt soo many lessons. However, if I were to sit here and mention all of them we would be here FOREVER. So instead here are my top three.

1. Making Friends is a Journey

Before I came to university I didn’t expect making friends would be so hard. In fact, I thought I would make friends with no effort whatsoever. However, let’s just say my expectations were faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from reality. I didn’t attract anyone that easily, in fact for most of first year I spent a lot of time on my own.

With the help of my beloved sister, I learnt that making friends wasn’t going to be as effortless as I initially thought. In my case, for me to be successful, I had to improve my social skills and put myself out there. Furthermore, I had to be patient and be prepared to deal with disappointment, as many people I met weren’t the type of people for me.

2. Emotional Intelligence is Key

In university, there are a range of people who have come from a variety of plaIn university, there are a range of people who have come from a variety of places. One thing that I’ve learnt is that not everyone thinks nor even acts similar to me. Therefore it was important for me to be mindful of how I behave. For example, as my degree loves to punish me with group work; I have been in situations where I have worked with people whose work ethic I didn’t particularly like. However, as being driven by impulse doesn’t always breed the results you desire. I have realised I need to think before I act to have a peaceful life.

3. I Soon Discovered I Didn’t Know Everything

University has taught me that I am youngggggggggg. As soon as I got to uni I realised I was basically an older teenager. Like Zoey Johnson, I’m ‘grown-ish’. A lot of things that adults do are still new to me. Such as being on your own, being fully responsible for your decisions and having to fend for yourself. ‘adulting’ is daunting and is something that I am still adjusting to. (Also, I still rely on my mother so technically I am not fully independent yet).

Final Thoughts

University has been a rewarding experience. From the day I arrived to now, there has been a huge improvement: I’m more aware of how to interact with people and I have a better perception of myself. I know Uni isn’t the final step in my development, as I will continue to grow and learn. But overall, I’m happy my time here has aided in my self-discovery.

Love Chizoba x


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