A Natural Hair Tag

If there is one thing, I enjoy about YouTube it would have to be watching TAGS. As overall, they’re entertaining and a cool way to learn a little bit more about your fave influencer. So, because I like TAGs that much, I thought why not do my own? Especially one dedicated to my hair as my hair is that b*tch.

Now, without further ado let’s get into this tag…

1. What is Your Main Curl Type?

I pretty much determine my curl type by how it looks after I shampooed my hair. Therefore, based on that I would say that my hair is 4A; as it’s not super coily but also not super curly.

2. What is Your Favourite Step of Your Wash Day Routine?

Shampooing is the best step out of my whole wash day routine as I lurrrrrrrve eliminating all the build-up accumulated throughout the week.

3. What is One Natural Hair Product You’re Glad You Have Discovered?

This would have to be the Maui Moisture Curl Quench Shampoo as it’s one of the only shampoos I’ve used that has thoroughly cleansed my hair without stripping it of moisture.

4. Fluffy Fro or Wash n Go?

Although both styles are fire, I prefer a fluffy fro as it’s cute and requires less time and effort to perfect.

5. What is One Negative Aspect of Being Natural?

It’s honestly people’s rigid ideas of natural hair. Natural hair is diverse, beautiful and has a range of characteristics. But in this PRESENT YEAR, we STILL get people who think natural hair cannot grow, that certain skin shades will have a certain curl pattern e.g light skin = type 3 hair dark skin = type 4 hair. Or that one routine fits all. I find this highly irritating as such beliefs are foolish and there is legit evidence out there that debunks such senseless thoughts.

6. Health or Length?

Health trumps length any day! As without health, you won’t achieve the length you desire.

7. What Do You Love About Being Natural?

What I love about being natural is having a healthy relationship with my hair. My pre-natural days were some dark times because it included very negative thoughts of my hair and others whose hair type looked similar to mine. Not to mention my hair routine back then was abhorrent, to say the least.

Since going natural let’s just say my hair, hair routine and perception of natural hair upgraded for the greater good. My hair is healthy and looks/feels really great. I have a waaay better routine that tends to my hairs needs. And lastly, my perception of natural hair is a lot more positive.

Moreover, I HIGHLY appreciate the range of products, inspo and information out there for natural hair as it makes me feel normal and supported. Furthermore, it makes my journey as a naturalista easier.

8. If you could only rock ONE protective hairstyle ever, anytime you want to switch your hair up what would it be?

This is a really hard question because I like having options. However, if I had to pick it would be box braids just because they’re cute and you can do a range of hairstyles with it plus you don’t have to worry about someone wanting to rip it off, to humiliate you, unlike wigs.

9. Twist Out or Braid Out?

Even though a braid out is quick and ideal for lazier days at the same time I find twist outs to have more versatility as you can wear it as twists or rock the twist out.

10. Do You Have Any Natural Hair Regrets?

Whew, I’ve got a few regrets…

  • Not using a protein treatment sooner
  • Not using a clarifying shampoo sooner
  • Not implementing dusting into my routine sooner
  • Only recently taking my porosity seriously

11. If There Is One Thing You Could Change About Your Hair What Would It Be?

The length! Because, as much as I love having a medium fro I would love to experience long hair.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it guys my natural hair tag! I hoped you enjoyed this post, were possibly inspired to do your own plus learnt a couple of interesting things about my hair.

Love Chizoba x


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