Affordable Beauty Products to Try During Quarantine

With the Corona epidemic affecting many people’s finances. Many of us are likely to be a bit more frugal when it comes to shopping. So, if you still want to buy makeup during this epidemic but are in no position to break the bank. Here are some affordable beauty products that in my opinion are worth the try.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation – £5.70

If you’re looking to try out a new foundation I recommend The Ordinary Serum Foundation. It’s lightweight and provides medium coverage which is perfect for lockdown. As you may want to look cute but not do the absolute most while chilling.

Chizoba is holding the The Ordinary Serum Foundation in the shade 3.2R

Makeup Revolution Colour Book Eyeshadow Palette CB05 – £15

For those who love the colours blue and green I highly suggest The Makeup Revolution Colour Book Eyeshadow Palette CB05. This eyeshadow palette is amazing. As you get 24 mattes and 24 shimmers, ranging from dark to light blues and greens. Which overall leaves you with many colours to entertain yourself with during quarantine.

Chizoba is holding the Makeup Revolution's Colour Book Shadow Palette CB05.

Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lipstick Shade 431 and Creamy Colour Lip Liner Shade 321 – £3.99 and £4.99

I highly recommend buying these two products as a pair because they go together beautifully. This lipstick and liner can act as the perfect nude for my melanated beauties. Or act as a dark brown lip for anyone of a lighter complexion. So if you’re looking for a new nude or you love dark brown on your lips. Check out these products as you won’t be disappointed.

Makeup Revolution Sheer Lip Shade Gone Rogue – £3

This lipgloss is pretty much the gloss version of the Kiko Milano Smart Fusion Lipstick. So if you prefer a glossy lip then definitely give this product a go.

Chizoba is holding the Makeup Revolution Sheer Brilliance in the shade Gone Rogue

Final Thoughts

Overall these are my suggestions for any makeup lover who is seeking to save some coins while trying to look good during this epidemic. I hope you all found this to be helpful and if you have any other suggestions feel free to comment down below. As sharing is caring.

Stay Safe, Love Chizoba x


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