Guess Who Did Box Braids… Me!

Though for the most part lockdown has been trash! At the same time, this period has been a great opportunity for me to play around with my curls. So around two months ago I plucked up the courage and decided to do my own box braids. And honestly, I’m sooo happy I did them because they came out good (for a beginner). Not to mention this experience has taught me a lot.

The Pros

It’s Cheaper

Doing my own box braids has made me realise how expensive hair salons can be. Like all, I needed, in order to do them, was edge control and braiding hair. And both were fairly affordable! Now I know how to braid I won’t be going to a salon any time soon.

You’re Your Own Boss

The great thing about doing your own braids is that you decide when you want to do them. Gone are the days where I had to negotiate with the hairdresser for a convenient slot. I now control what time works for me.

Your Hair is Safer in Your Hands

To put this bluntly there is always a risk that comes with going to the hair salon as someone else is handling your hair. For me personally, all the hairdressers I had were talented at braiding. However, knew absolutely nothing about natural hair. Therefore, my braids were always too tight and left me with headaches after I visited them. Doing my own box braids meant my hair and scalp was left with minimal damage once I installed and took down the braids.

Boosts Your Self-Esteem

This experience boosted my self-confidence. Doing my own box braids made me appreciate how versatile my hair is. Not to mention I felt more confident in my culture. Box braids are a beautiful hairstyle and I’m gassed that it’s African because I’m African! Moreover, the fact I attempted it and they came out pretty well for a beginner shows how capable and cool I am!

The Cons

It’s Time Consuming

Although this hairstyle didn’t take me the whole day. It did take long enough for me to realise I won’t be doing small box braids. Thick braids are more than enough for me.

It’s High Maintenance

I’ve come to realise that If you want your braids to look good then you have to be careful with how you handle them. Especially during the night when you’re about to sleep. Personally, I hate having to be super high maintenance with hair for it to look good. As I don’t have to do that with my natural hair and it still looks amazing!

Final Thoughts

Overall installing box braids by myself was a cool and fulfilling experience. Not to mention it’s really convenient. So, will I do this again? YES!

Love Chizoba x


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