My Favourite Make-Up Looks During Quarantine

A picture of various eyeshadow pallets

As quarantine has provided me with sooooooooooo much free time. I decided to use this opportunity to experiment with make-up, to eradicate my boredom. Which wasn’t successful in the end as lawd I was still bored. However, after scrolling through my phone’s gallery I realised I created some cute looks (for an amateur). So today’s post is going to be more on the visual side as I’m going to use this time to celebrate my beginner make-up skills.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m glad I tried to use make-up as a way to defeat my boredom. Because not only was it a fun experience but my skills and confidence in applying make-up has improved. Furthermore, as COVID-19 has been a period of reflection, playing around with make-up has made me realise how I like it applied to my face. Which honestly is a great thing.

Love Chizoba x


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