Now I Get The Hype With Black Leggings

A collage of Chizoba who is wearing black leggings, black original Doc Martens, a blue ripped denim jacket and a white turtle neck jumper underneath. She is posing near a brick wall. She is smiling in both photos

Once upon a time, I AVOIDED black leggings like the plague. And at the time it made sense because the way some people styled black leggings, during my school’s non uniform day, was not it. However, times have drastically changed and so has my opinion of them.

I originally bought these leggings to also replace my skinny jeans because, as mentioned previously, I gave them away to charity as they were not comfortable. Now, in terms of black leggings, they and skinny jeans are not the same. Just like how oat milk is not cows milk. But what these two random objects have in common is that they’re good alternatives. Oat milk is tasty and these black leggings can be styled the same way that skinny jeans are. Not to mention leggings are waaaaaaaay more comfortable and are also cheaper!

So overall I do get the hype 😄

Outfit Details

Denim Jacket and Leggings – ASOS

Jumper – H&M

Doc Martens

Love Chizoba x


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