Midi Dresses are Not Only Cute They’re Practical!

A collage of pictures where Chizoba a Dark skin Black British Nigerian woman is wearing a green polka dot midi dress. She is posing near a brown brick wall and is smiling. Her hair is styled in a fro

After a year of not shaving my legs due to the pandemic keeping me indoors, I wasn’t feeling like wearing my mini dresses this summer. And exposing my hairy legs to the world; once lockdown had ended.

I don’t have the stamina to deal with people looking at me weirdly because I decided not to defy the natural way my body operates. So instead of not wearing dresses this summer. I bought this green polka dot midi dress because not only is it cute, but also practical!

What I love about this dress is the fact that it flatters my body shape perfectly while most importantly covering my legs. I’m able to have the best both worlds and I love it!

Apart from that I also like that the dress is made of a flowy material. As it means breeze can flow through and keep me cool on a warm summer day. Not to mention the actual pattern is gorgeous. This shade of green is beautiful and contrasts well with the small white polka dot design.

Overall this midi dress is wonderful! I couldn’t be happier.

Outfit Details

Midi Dress – Shein

White Trainers – H&M

Accessories – H&M

Love Chizoba x


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