Valuable Blogging Lessons That I’ll Be Taking Into 2022

2021 was one hell of a year in terms of being a creator. It was the year where I achieved some of my biggest goals. Such as starting a YouTube channel and creating fashion content. Equally, it was also the year where I had to take several breaks as my mental health plummeted.

Though I had numerous highs and lows; one thing that remained consistent is the valuable lessons I learned from being on social media.

So if you want to know what those lessons are keep reading 😁

Comparison Is Not Only The Thief Of Joy But Is Also Pointless

One thing I REFUSE to do this year is to compare myself to other content creators. The main reason for this is that it’s pointless. My skills as a creator are not enhanced by doing this. Nor does it make me feel proud of my art – even though It’s great (not to mention took a good amount of time to create).

I’ve come to realise that we Content Creators/Bloggers are not the same. We don’t all live in the same area, have access to the same resources or have the same marginalised/privileged identities. Which by the way determines the first two factors I mentioned earlier. Therefore, I’ve decided to focus on 🎶Memyself and I that’s all I got in the end🎶- shout out to Beyoncé for this beautiful lyric😍. But seriously, I’m going to stop with the comparisons, and take the time to focus on improving myself as from then on progress will happen.

You Cannot Control The Algorithm

I am so tired of trying to beat the algorithm😑😒. I give up! I’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying to find cheat codes so I could get more exposure and engagement. And overall all I gained was a lack of energy and disdain for content creation.

Algorithms on social media can be weird. For example, I will produce short videos and post them around the same time only for some to get over 1000 views (which is good for me as I have a small following). While other videos will barely get 200 views! It’s ridiculous!

I’ve come to realise a HUGE factor in becoming viral is luck as there are soo many talented creators, like myself, who are not receiving the recognition we deserve. All in all, there is only so much I can physically do online to get more people to support my content. I can’t do the absolute most to gain views as it comes at the expense of my mental health and my love for blogging.

I Need To Take Myself More Seriously

Up until recently, I have struggled to take Blogging seriously. Mainly because I didn’t see myself as an actual Blogger as it wasn’t my full-time career nor did I have a huge following. This reason plus my poor mental health – which is the result of the pandemic has caused me to be unorganised. As well as produce content that, when I look back on it, wasn’t that good.

With the help of my favourite people, I now know that I am an ACTUAL Blogger regardless of my following and the fact this isn’t a full-time job. It doesn’t make sense to belittle myself because I’m literally doing the same tasks that actual Bloggers do😅. Moreover, the experience I’ve gained from content creation resulted in me being qualified to apply for actual jobs roles. Such as a Social Media Manager. So like I said before belittling myself is foolish.

As we progress into 2022 I aim to be more organised by doing things like making content ahead of important dates/events. As well as focusing on the quality of my art. Because overall I AM a Blogger 😁

F*ck Consistency and Just Rest

The Girls who get it get it and the Girls who don’t don’t 😝

Though the idea of consistently producing high-quality content sounds wonderful. Personally, I can’t do it as your girl sometimes needs a break. A lot of time and effort goes into the art I produce. So doing this on the regular with no time to sit back and relax is a recipe for burnout.

My health comes first. If I’m not well, I cannot continue to do things I enjoy. So to ensure I’m in good shape, physically and mentally, this year I plan to take regular breaks. I’m thinking of treating these breaks like annual leave. Where I schedule a week off to do whatever I want.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I’m glad I’ve learnt these important lessons from 2021. Because now I feel more equipped to flourish in 2022 😊

Love Chizoba x


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