It’s Important to Plan Before You Shop

As I am no longer a fan of skinny jeans, and thus have donated the ones I previously owned to charity. I decided to purchase two new pairs of wide-leg jeans, from Shein, to replenish my jean collection.

When I initially bought these jeans I was excited because they looked pretty cool on the website. However, when they finally arrived at my doorstep, my excitement turned into worry as I was finding it difficult to find cute outfits to pair them with.

Now I am to blame for this situation. I should’ve taken the time to see what clothes go perfectly with these jeans before I placed my order. Because what happened next was me barely wearing the jeans for a solid five months ๐Ÿ˜ฌ.

It was only recently that I had the urge to dedicate an hour to finding fabulous outfits that go perfectly with these jeans. And to my luck, I was able to come up with not three but six outfits for each one! This instantly led me to feel relieved and happy. Because as of now, I don’t own clothes that I don’t wear ๐Ÿ˜.

So In conclusion, the moral of the story is to plan before you shop. As it means you won’t end up in my situation. Plus you’ll have a wardrobe full of clothes you actually wear ๐Ÿ˜.

Outfit Details

Outfit 1

Jumper – H&M

Jeans – Shein

Nike Air Force 1

Backpack – Justfab

Outfit 2

Black Coat, Black High Neck Jumper, Belt, Backpack – ASOS

Jeans – Shein

Boots – Schuh

Glasses – Ebay

Love Chizoba x


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