Rediscovering Jayla Darden was a Beautiful Experience

In 2019, I came across Jayla Darden, an RnB artist with a beautiful, soothing, fairy-like voice and a range of high-quality melodies. Her songs became my go-to for listening to music throughout that year and 2020, particularly her addictive beat “Idea 742” which was a firm favourite.

However, as time went by and I discovered new artists, I found myself listening to Jayla’s music less frequently. Since 2021, my preferred songs have changed multiple times, and it’s been a whileeee since I last played her music…

Until recently 😊

On a random Saturday, I got this really cool idea to make a playlist of songs I would love to dance to. And when I mean dance, I literally want to hire a pro dance choreographer to create and teach me a simple but impressive routine. I’ll record it + share it on social media and eventually become internet famous😁.

Anywayssssss (before I get carried away), as I put together this playlist, I was reminded of Jayla, as she definitely had a couple of melodies that I would love to dance to. So, after adding her tracks to the playlist, I went straight to her Spotify profile and immediately listened to her music again.

Rediscovering Jayla Darden was a beautiful experience. I was reminded why I fell in love with her music in the first place. The songs are well-curated. Her soft voice paired with such rich beats are heavenly. And the fact that many of her songs are catchy is even better! It gives you more of a reason to listen to this artist non-stop.

The first song I re-listened to was “Demonstration”. This upbeat track is filled with soulful harmonies and impressive vocal layering. It has a strong RnB vibe that I absolutely love! This song is a gem 🤩.

I also love “Sweating Me” and “Got It”. I even added them to the playlist I mentioned earlier. These tracks have a great groovy beat and catchy chorus that are perfect for dancing to. Moreover, their tempo is not too fast, making it easy to create a simple yet amazing choreography.

Lastly, the track Private Island on The Moon holds a special place in my heart. It’s a delightful fusion of Pop and RnB, resulting in a cute and fun melody. My only gripe with the tune is that it’s too short! Jayla if you ever read this pleaseeeeeeeee release an extended version. This song is simply too good to be less than 3 mins 😭.

Overall, Jayla Darden is an incredibly talented artist with an impressive collection of work. I am overjoyed to have rediscovered her music. It was a truly beautiful experience that I will cherish.

Love Chizoba x

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