I Finally Tried a Bao Bun!

Photo by Son Tung Tran from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/bao-bun-on-a-bamboo-steamer-6454813/ After my enjoyable experience at Marugame – which has now become my new favourite restaurant. I was keen to try out more noodle dishes, so I headed over to TikTok to see what restaurants people were recommending. One in particular that got pretty good reviews was BoneContinue reading “I Finally Tried a Bao Bun!”


Yes, I saw Beyoncé aka Queen B aka THE Icon live and I’m in awe, ecstatic and still in disbelief that this ACTUALLY happened! This experience is unforgettable and one that will live in my mind rent-free! As this concert was a rare and golden opportunity. I made it my duty to vlog my entireContinue reading “I SAW BEYONCÉ LIVE!!!!”

There Is a Special Place In Heaven For Udon Noodles

Photo by JAMIE DIAZ: https://www.pexels.com/photo/clear-glass-bowl-with-soup-2132942/ I’ve always been a Rice girl and that is probably due to my upbringing. Staple meals in my family always included rice with some form of a stew such as Ayamase or Ata DinDin. Or one-pot rice dishes like Jollof rice or Nigerian Fried rice. Even when I started toContinue reading “There Is a Special Place In Heaven For Udon Noodles”

Rediscovering Jayla Darden was a Beautiful Experience

In 2019, I came across Jayla Darden, an RnB artist with a beautiful, soothing, fairy-like voice and a range of high-quality melodies. Her songs became my go-to for listening to music throughout that year and 2020, particularly her addictive beat “Idea 742” which was a firm favourite. However, as time went by and I discoveredContinue reading “Rediscovering Jayla Darden was a Beautiful Experience”

It’s Been a While So Let’s Chat :)

So for those of you who follow me on some or even all of my social media accounts; you’ve probably noticed that your girl has been MIA. And to be honest, there is a goooooooood reason for that. I have gone through some significant changes in my life (that I am still adjusting to). AndContinue reading “It’s Been a While So Let’s Chat :)”

I’m Done with Over Consumption

Photo by RODNAE Productions: https://www.pexels.com/photo/variety-of-cosmetic-products-in-close-up-photography-7755138/ Over the last couple of months, my makeup collection has drastically changed. During the end of October/the beginning of November, I got rid of 80% of my beauty products. And that was because several of them expired (and YES makeup does have an expiration date). However, throughout the decluttering process,Continue reading “I’m Done with Over Consumption”

It’s Hard to Be Persistent When Dating

Though dating is supposed to be an exciting experience. As it’s the chance to socialize, meet new people and ultimately form beautiful connections. When people tend to ask me about dating, I always let out a BIG sigh because for me personally dating has been trash.  It’s honestly not been going well because I’m notContinue reading “It’s Hard to Be Persistent When Dating”

My Favorite Body Lotions 😍

One thing that I love about my skin is the fact that It’s soft AF! And I think one of the main reasons for this is due to the body lotions I’ve had the pleasure of using 😍. So, because I don’t believe in gatekeeping in the latest episode of, my YouTube series, Chizzy RecommendsContinue reading “My Favorite Body Lotions 😍”

Not Me Going on a Date…With Myself

Head imager via Photo by nappy: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-a-woman-in-yellow-dress-standing-near-plants-2599789/ This blog post was in collab with the lovely Travel Blogger – Tillyah Canoville Yes, dearest, you read correctly! I took myself out on a solo date. Because I am extremely big on not wasting my time. And it’s not always fun waiting on people to experience somethingContinue reading “Not Me Going on a Date…With Myself”