I Finally Tried a Bao Bun!

Photo by Son Tung Tran from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/bao-bun-on-a-bamboo-steamer-6454813/

After my enjoyable experience at Marugame – which has now become my new favourite restaurant. I was keen to try out more noodle dishes, so I headed over to TikTok to see what restaurants people were recommending.

One in particular that got pretty good reviews was Bone Daddies a Japanese Ramen Restaurant. Those reviews coupled with their appetising menu inspired me to go and take a visit. I decided to check out their Old Street branch on a Sunday as I thought it would be less busy in comparison to the one, they have in Soho. And I can confirm that was the case. Once I arrived I immediately noticed that the restaurant is on the smaller side. But luckily its interior felt very warm and cosy.

Regarding the food, I decided to go for their Tonkotsu (the original) Ramen bowl. This consisted of Chashu Pork Belly, Spring Onion, Bamboo, Beansprouts, Burnt Garlic plus a Clarence Court Egg. I enjoyed this dish as firstly it was a big enough portion for me. And secondly, plus most importantly, the Ramen was delicious! The broth was creamy and complimented the tender Pork Belly. The burnt Garlic provided a slightly smoky flavour. And the Spring Onion, Bamboo and Beansprouts added a really nice freshness to this dish. Overall, the Tonkotsu was delightful.

I also decided to order fruit juice because you can never go wrong with it! The drink was Mango and Apple juice and though it was perfect as it was sweet and refreshing. And overall, a really good combination. Simultaneously the drink was tiny! You barely got 300 ml which was a disappointment as paid around £2 for it.

A bowl Tonkotsu Ramen Bowl and Mango and Apple Juice
My order

Originally, I was going to leave my order at just the Ramen plus a drink howeverrrrr I saw another set of customers order Bao Buns which btw looked mouth-watering. So, it only made sense for me to order one too! I decided on the Crispy Duck Bun as I don’t usually eat Duck regularly. So, when the opportunity arises to munch on it, I take it! This bun consisted of Hoisin Sauce, Carrot Pickle, Spring Onion plus Mayo. I was originally excited to eat this because I’d never had a Bao Bun before. But once I started consuming this small bun I wasn’t completely wowed.
Don’t get me wrong the bun was tasty however the Duck was salty, and I could taste some bone, which wasn’t pleasant and ultimately a letdown.

Apart from the Bao Bun not meeting my expectations, I was also not happy with the price. I do feel like this restaurant gives you less for more £££, I paid £25.65 for these 3 items. Which is more expensive than Marugame where I was able to get two sides, a drink and Udon for £20! I know this is definitely not that expensive in comparison to other restaurants in London. But at the same time, I wish it did match Marugame’s price or perhaps was even cheaper. I mean we’re in a cost-of-living crisis, at least cut your customers some slack.

Crispy Duck Bun

Overall Bone Daddies is a decent restaurant. The Ramen was delightful, and I appreciate the portion size. The fruit juice was appetising and though the Bao Bun wasn’t perfect it was still tasty. It is a bit pricey considering what I ordered but nevertheless, I’ve gained a new experience! And this restaurant has encouraged me to look for other alternatives perhaps even more satisfactory ones.

Love Chizoba x



Yes, I saw Beyoncé aka Queen B aka THE Icon live and I’m in awe, ecstatic and still in disbelief that this ACTUALLY happened! This experience is unforgettable and one that will live in my mind rent-free!

As this concert was a rare and golden opportunity. I made it my duty to vlog my entire experience. So If you’re interested in finding out what actually happened, simply hit the play button.

Overall, I’m still in awe over the fact that I had the opportunity to witness Beyoncé’s live performance in person. It was indeed a FANTASTIC experience that left me mesmerised. Her stage presence and vocal range were out of this world, and I found myself completely immersed in the moment. I feel very blessed to have witnessed such an iconic artist in her element.

Love Chizoba x

There Is a Special Place In Heaven For Udon Noodles

Photo by JAMIE DIAZ: https://www.pexels.com/photo/clear-glass-bowl-with-soup-2132942/

I’ve always been a Rice girl and that is probably due to my upbringing. Staple meals in my family always included rice with some form of a stew such as Ayamase or Ata DinDin. Or one-pot rice dishes like Jollof rice or Nigerian Fried rice. Even when I started to branch out and try different cultures’ cuisines if they had a rice dish I generally gravitated towards it as it felt the most familiar.

With that being said, as I am now trying to become a foodie I need to step out of my comfort zone. Constantly sticking to what’s familiar can stunt my opportunities to try something new. And I for one don’t want that to happen!

So, in my journey to becoming a foodie the first cuisine I decided to give a try was Udon Noodles. I’ve tried a variety of noodles before such as Egg Noodles, Rice noodles, etc. But Udon noodles are something different they’re a lot thicker in texture and seem to be chewier.

After seeing a review on an affordable Udon Noodle restaurant in London, called Marugame from the one and only @knivestomeetyou. My close friend and I hopped on the train to see if it was worth the hype…

@knivestomeetyou review on Marugame Udon

And I’m here to tell you IT WAS!

I ordered a regular size Beef Nikutama Udon which consisted of Beef, a soft poached Onsen Egg, and Caramelised Onions in smoky plus sweet BK Dashi Broth. This dish had an abundance of flavour! Each mouthful was heavenly! The Beef was tender and melted in my mouth and the Caramelised Onions had the right amount of sweetness. Additionally, I adored the balance between the sweet and smoky flavours in the broth. Also, the Onsen Egg wasn’t too runny and was really easy to eat. I had never tried a poached Egg before but overall, it was a nice addition to the Udon.

Apart from Udon noodles Marugame also serves a variety of side dishes including Tempura, Chicken Karaage, Gyoza, and Omusubi. I decided to try the Prawn Tempura and the Chicken Karaage. I really like how crispy the Prawn Tempura was. Plus, I really enjoyed the Chicken Karaage it was also crispy, and the flavour was plenty plus the Chicken was tender. Additionally, both of these side dishes paired really well with the mayo they served. I’m not sure what type of mayo it is but it tasted incredible! It was creamy and didn’t have that horrible vinegar taste other types of mayonnaise have. This has changed my perspective on mayo, for the better.

The last thing I ordered was Ramune Lemonade – which apparently is a popular fizzy drink in Japan. Overall, it was a pleasant bottle of soda. It was refreshing, not overly fizzy, and has a sweet taste. It paired well with my overall meal.

A tray that consists of Beef Nikutama Udon, Two pieces of Prawn Tempura, two pieces of Chicken Karaage
The meal I ordered

All in all, I’m so glad I got to try Udon Noodles at Marugame. This type of noodle is tasty AF! Plus this restaurant slaps! Not only is the food delicious but It’s affordable. My meal was around £20, which is excellent as I don’t have to break the bank to have good food. Also, there are a variety of dishes that they offer so there are various ways you can enjoy Udon. Lastly, the side dishes are yummy, and the drinks are refreshing.

So, though I am still a lover of rice, I’ve come to realise noodles are equally good 😊.

Love Chizoba x

Rediscovering Jayla Darden was a Beautiful Experience

In 2019, I came across Jayla Darden, an RnB artist with a beautiful, soothing, fairy-like voice and a range of high-quality melodies. Her songs became my go-to for listening to music throughout that year and 2020, particularly her addictive beat “Idea 742” which was a firm favourite.

However, as time went by and I discovered new artists, I found myself listening to Jayla’s music less frequently. Since 2021, my preferred songs have changed multiple times, and it’s been a whileeee since I last played her music…

Until recently 😊

On a random Saturday, I got this really cool idea to make a playlist of songs I would love to dance to. And when I mean dance, I literally want to hire a pro dance choreographer to create and teach me a simple but impressive routine. I’ll record it + share it on social media and eventually become internet famous😁.

Anywayssssss (before I get carried away), as I put together this playlist, I was reminded of Jayla, as she definitely had a couple of melodies that I would love to dance to. So, after adding her tracks to the playlist, I went straight to her Spotify profile and immediately listened to her music again.

Rediscovering Jayla Darden was a beautiful experience. I was reminded why I fell in love with her music in the first place. The songs are well-curated. Her soft voice paired with such rich beats are heavenly. And the fact that many of her songs are catchy is even better! It gives you more of a reason to listen to this artist non-stop.

The first song I re-listened to was “Demonstration”. This upbeat track is filled with soulful harmonies and impressive vocal layering. It has a strong RnB vibe that I absolutely love! This song is a gem 🤩.

I also love “Sweating Me” and “Got It”. I even added them to the playlist I mentioned earlier. These tracks have a great groovy beat and catchy chorus that are perfect for dancing to. Moreover, their tempo is not too fast, making it easy to create a simple yet amazing choreography.

Lastly, the track Private Island on The Moon holds a special place in my heart. It’s a delightful fusion of Pop and RnB, resulting in a cute and fun melody. My only gripe with the tune is that it’s too short! Jayla if you ever read this pleaseeeeeeeee release an extended version. This song is simply too good to be less than 3 mins 😭.

Overall, Jayla Darden is an incredibly talented artist with an impressive collection of work. I am overjoyed to have rediscovered her music. It was a truly beautiful experience that I will cherish.

Love Chizoba x

It’s Been a While So Let’s Chat :)

So for those of you who follow me on some or even all of my social media accounts; you’ve probably noticed that your girl has been MIA. And to be honest, there is a goooooooood reason for that. I have gone through some significant changes in my life (that I am still adjusting to). And I needed to step back from content creating to process such big shifts.

With that being said, I’m happy to announce that the storm has finally passed. And I’m in a better mental space to start doing what I love! But before I continue to make new and exciting content, I thought it only makes sense for my first full-length YouTube video to be a chill chit-chat GRWM. As this allows me to address the elephant in the room, my disappearance, and other exciting updates.

So check out my YouTube video below to find out more 🙂

Overall I hope this video addressed everything you needed to know. And stay tuned for new content!

Love Chizoba x

I’m Done with Over Consumption

Photo by RODNAE Productions: https://www.pexels.com/photo/variety-of-cosmetic-products-in-close-up-photography-7755138/

Over the last couple of months, my makeup collection has drastically changed. During the end of October/the beginning of November, I got rid of 80% of my beauty products. And that was because several of them expired (and YES makeup does have an expiration date).

However, throughout the decluttering process, I kept thinking about the number of products I wasted! I had purchased a lot of makeup, including high-quality ones, that were not used to its fullest capacity. And honestly, that’s awful because some of these products were NOT cheap.

I honestly think I kept buying and buying makeup because I felt I needed them. And I thought if I didn’t buy these products now, I’ll never be able to. I definitely think this mindset had come from a place of fear. I don’t come from a rich family, so when I was younger, I had to wait longer than other kids to get nice stuff. And sometimes obtaining nice things wasn’t always an option. So now that I have more disposable income I moved with the attitude it’s now or never. Because I didn’t want to wait anymore just to have a nice lip gloss or foundation. Additionally, with the pandemic hurting many of our finances; not to mention causing life to be VERY unpredictable. I wanted to seize the moment now, if I had the coins.

And though this context is completely understandable, in hindsight my reaction to my upbringing wasn’t the wisest decision.

But with that being said…


Now, I can confidently say that I have changed my ways. My make-up collection is much smaller but now consists of only good quality make-up products. I have enough lip glosses and eyeshadow palettes to make a variety of looks. Plus, I have a great cluster of complexion products that are reliable. They constantly provide great results and good make-up days are the norm for me!

Moreover, I have now implemented the rule that if I am to buy new make-up it MUST differ from my existing products. As it ensures variety and lessens the chance of waste. Because honestly who needs 3 pink blushes in the SAME shade. Or the SAME nude eyeshadow palette from three different brands? That’s ridiculous.

So, in conclusion, I’m done with overconsumption! It promotes so much unnecessary waste which isn’t good for me or the environment. In this case, less REALLY is more. And overall, I’ve come to appreciate that.

Love Chizoba x

It’s Hard to Be Persistent When Dating

Though dating is supposed to be an exciting experience. As it’s the chance to socialize, meet new people and ultimately form beautiful connections. When people tend to ask me about dating, I always let out a BIG sigh because for me personally dating has been trash. 

It’s honestly not been going well because I’m not meeting the right people. And this sucks because I’m finally in a good place to date! I’m confident in my looks and personality which means I’m not afraid to put myself out there. Additionally, I’m more than happy to make the first move on dating apps plus conversing is a breeze. So, to constantly match with/ see profiles that are not up to my standards is disheartening. And it ultimately makes it hard to be persistent.

The Time Wasters

One particular group of people I commonly encounter on dating apps are those who I like to call Time Wasters. This group are full of people who are StIL fIGurInG oUt thEIr dAtINg GoAlS. Because Time Wasters essentially don’t know what they want; you won’t be able to have a successful relationship with them. Therefore, they’re a waste of your time. Hence the name.

Now, this group wouldn’t have been such a big deal if I was only seeing profiles like this once in a blue moon. As at least there are more people to match with who know exactly what they want. Howeverrr when every other goddamn person has ‘still figuring out my dating goals’ stated on their profile it’s a HUGE issue! As I now have less of a chance of matching with people who have similar dating goals to me.

Moreover, not only are these people time wasters but they clearly lack common sense. Like why go on a dating app, that is specifically designed to help you find a relationship, when you don’t even know what you want? Make it make sense!

The Uninterested

Apart from Time Wasters, another group of people who I unfortunately frequently encounter are those who I like to call The Uninterested. This group of people clearly don’t want to be on dating apps and are not interested in dating. However, for some strange reason, they still have an active profile. You can easily tell if someone is uninterested because of the LITTLE effort they put into curating their profile. In other words, their profile is dry as f*ck!

Even though The Uninterested are essentially time wasters, I put them in a different category because even the Time Wasters put more effort into their profiles 😅.

I find this group of people infuriating because, just like Time Wasters, their profiles are in abundance! Therefore, making it harder to find people who actually want healthy relationships. From my experience, I have noticed there are many men, specifically Cis-Het men whose profiles fit into The Uninterested category. Because the lack of effort put into their dating profiles (and dating in general) is disgraceful! And this honestly makes me want to give up and throw the whole app away!

Mini Break-Ups

Apart from my dating pool being a hot mess, it’s hard to be persistent when dating because of mini break-ups. It sucks to finally match with someone, or in my case people (listen I’m trying to live my best life and have fun😜) who initially you really like at the beginning. Only for you or them to end things because either one of us is not feeling it anymore.

I was in a situation where I had stopped talking to three people, at the same time! That was a depressing time for me because I went from a point where I had butterflies in my stomach. As well as my face lighting up when I saw their messages, to now where I don’t (and probably won’t) speak to these people again. Not to mention I didn’t get the relationship I desired in the end, so I have to keep looking 🙃.

Moreover, I get less excited when matching and talking to a new person. Because, based on past experiences, I am aware of the fact that this relationship could end early and not go anywhere.

Despite All the Mess I Still Have Hope!

Nevertheless, even though dating has mostly been difficult and disappointing…

I’m still going to persist!

And that’s honestly because the reward is too sweet to give up. A good relationship is a beautiful thing to experience. So, I’m taking full advantage of the position I’m in mentally, physically and financially and I’m going after what I want!

Apart from this, dating has been an educational experience. It has taught me what I will or will not tolerate. And I’m more aware of the people I need to AVOID. Moreover, it’s also strengthened my confidence in my personality and even my physical appearance. Because even though I haven’t met my ideal people yet, your girl still gets a lot of likes.

So, overall dating is unfortunately not as easy as I would’ve loved it to have been. But I am certain I will meet the people I desire and make great memories with them.

Love Chizoba x

My Favorite Body Lotions 😍

One thing that I love about my skin is the fact that It’s soft AF! And I think one of the main reasons for this is due to the body lotions I’ve had the pleasure of using 😍.

So, because I don’t believe in gatekeeping in the latest episode of, my YouTube series, Chizzy Recommends I’ll be sharing with you my favourite body lotions.

So out of the three, which body lotion has caught your eye?

Love Chizoba x

A Day Trip in Paris

Hello everyone, it’s been a while but with that being said welcome back to another blog post! Orrrrrr welcome to my blog if this is your first time visiting!

So earlier this week my older sibling and I decided to take a day trip to Paris because we ESPECIALLY me were desperate to go abroad. Seeing as the last time I left the country was three years ago!

Though the trip was short, it was definitely sweet as many great memories were made 😊.

So, if you’re intrigued to see what I got up to in Parie, then make sure to watch my latest vlog below 👇🏿

Love Chizoba x

Not Me Going on a Date…With Myself

Head imager via Photo by nappy: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-a-woman-in-yellow-dress-standing-near-plants-2599789/

This blog post was in collab with the lovely Travel Blogger – Tillyah Canoville

Yes, dearest, you read correctly! I took myself out on a solo date. Because I am extremely big on not wasting my time. And it’s not always fun waiting on people to experience something you want to do. 

So my original plan was to take myself to minigolf and then have drinks afterwards on 11th June. However, the place that I went to said a minimum of two people. Sooooooooo I decided to do something different, as being a single Black woman in this England will not kill me. I left the place – which I won’t mention- and decided to go to a bar. There was one not far from the minigolf place, so that helped! I ordered my favourite cocktail – Pornstar Martini, and mulled over what I could do for the night. 

Whilst scrolling on Instagram, I saw an advert for Yvonne Orji’s Comedy special. Which was going to happen in a couple of weeks. So I thought to myself – yep I am going to do this! As I loved her comedy special I saw via discord with my friend in the US. So I bought the ticket, finished my drink, and headed home.

On 25th June 2022, I woke up EXCITED! I had a lush breakfast, got showered and started getting ready. My outfit consisted of jeans, heels, and a cute top. This outfit needed to be (and was) a 10/10 as I was going on a date with myself! 

I got to Bloomsbury Theatre early and got myself a glass of white wine for the nerves. I mean I have been to the theatre before. So I did wonder why I was nervous now that I was going on my own. You would think a girl like me, who at the drop of a hat will pay for a flight and leave the country to go somewhere completely new on her own. Wouldn’t get scared to go to a comedy by herself. However, this was different. I was stepping out of my comfort zone, in a completely new and fascinating way. 

Moreover, I get anxious when I know I must deal with large crowds. And I generally handle this by simply not going or forcing my friend to come with me. But in this case, I had to deal with it.

I found my seat and sat down with my glass of wine. The opening act was Mr Roy Mack, who gave us a good 45-minute set! He had me laughing so hard I forgot I was on my own. I was interacting with the show and overall was having a great time! Then came the intermission before the main act – Miss Yvonne Orji herself. I went to the loo and re-upped my drink and snackage as I didn’t want to miss a second of her show.

Yvonne came out, and it was a belly-hurting 70 minutes of pure stand-up comedy. As much as it would have been great to be there with someone, this first date with myself was hilarious and fun. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to take myself out every month to enjoy a new experience. 

 Final Thoughts

Overall I hope this encourages you to try solo dating. As this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and make beautiful memories.

Tillyah x

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