Rediscovering Jayla Darden was a Beautiful Experience

In 2019, I came across Jayla Darden, an RnB artist with a beautiful, soothing, fairy-like voice and a range of high-quality melodies. Her songs became my go-to for listening to music throughout that year and 2020, particularly her addictive beat “Idea 742” which was a firm favourite. However, as time went by and I discoveredContinue reading “Rediscovering Jayla Darden was a Beautiful Experience”

Film/TV Tropes That Need To Die!

One childhood habit that I refuse to grow out of is watching A LOT of TV shows and films. I mean why should I? Both forms of media are entertaining AF. With that being said, though I enjoy doing this, I DON’T enjoy the several tropes plus other annoying things I, unfortunately, see on screen.Continue reading “Film/TV Tropes That Need To Die!”

A Demon Fighting K-Drama erm YES! |The Uncanny Counter Review

So as I am avid K-drama watcher I decided to watch The Uncanny Counter, which overall was a different and interesting Korean T.V Series. Music Credit: Music by Ryan Little – fall so high. – Images from IMDB Love Chizoba x

Who Knew Music Could Sound So Good During Lock Down

I don’t know how but quarantine has exposed me to some good music lately, and honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful. As I need all the entertainment I can get while stuck at home. So, as quarantine, for the most part, is still going on I thought I would share some of my favourite songsContinue reading “Who Knew Music Could Sound So Good During Lock Down”

Story Time: Seeing Janelle Monáe Live

So on July 2nd, I had the opportunity to see Janelle Monáe live and guys all I can say is your girl is officially starstruck! I had the most amazing experience and every part of the show was wonderful. Now as this experience was extraordinary, it’s only fair that I tell you what happened. SoContinue reading “Story Time: Seeing Janelle Monáe Live”

My Summer with City Academy’s Diva Dance Course

Dancing has always been a passion of mine. So to fulfil that fervour; over the summer I signed up for City Academy’s Diva dance course. My particular course (as the dance courses differ) ran for 7 weeks. And over that period, I learned a routine to the whole of ‘End of Time’ by Beyoncé. ToContinue reading “My Summer with City Academy’s Diva Dance Course”