I Did a Full Face of Make-Up Using Only Powdered Products and I’m Speechless 😍😍😍

So I randomly had this idea to create a full face using powdered make-up products. And overall I’m SPEECHLESS! If you want to see the full process plus the final results go ahead and press play 💗 Love Chizoba

Are They Good?

So I recently purchased some new make-up including The Ordinary Concealer and today I’m going to be testing whether these are a hit or miss. Products Mentioned Elf Putty Blushes – https://www.elfcosmetics.co.uk/putty-blush/81621.html Beauty Bay Bronzer – https://www.beautybay.com/p/beauty-bay/powder-bronzer/oak/ The Ordinary Concealer – https://theordinary.deciem.com/product/rdn-concealer-31-r-8ml https://www.boots.com/the-ordinary-concealer-10293063 https://www.beautybay.com/p/the-ordinary/concealer/ Love Chizoba x

My Favourite Make-Up Looks During Quarantine

As quarantine has provided me with sooooooooooo much free time. I decided to use this opportunity to experiment with make-up, to eradicate my boredom. Which wasn’t successful in the end as lawd I was still bored. However, after scrolling through my phone’s gallery I realised I created some cute looks (for an amateur). So today’sContinue reading “My Favourite Make-Up Looks During Quarantine”

Affordable Beauty Products to Try During Quarantine

With the Corona epidemic affecting many people’s finances. Many of us are likely to be a bit more frugal when it comes to shopping. So, if you still want to buy makeup during this epidemic but are in no position to break the bank. Here are some affordable beauty products that in my opinion areContinue reading “Affordable Beauty Products to Try During Quarantine”