Fashion Tips I Cherish

Good fashion advice has played a huge part in my wardrobe going from nay to yay. I finally have a closet filled with clothes that create stylish, comfortable and convenient outfits that suit my lifestyle 🤩 So, if you want know the fashion tips I myself cherish click play on my latest YouTube video 😍Continue reading “Fashion Tips I Cherish”

How To Make your Midi Skirts Autumn and Winter Friendly

Although the colder months are here and, are, ready to stay for a while. It does not mean you have to say goodbye to your summer wardrobe. So for those of you who own beautiful midi skirts. Here is a great way to make them Autumn and Winter friendly. Outfit Details Outfit 1 Black CroppedContinue reading “How To Make your Midi Skirts Autumn and Winter Friendly”

Good Bye Polyvore I Will Miss You 😞

Back in the day, I used to be super obsessed with Polyvore. I would spend hoooooooourrrrrrrrrrssssssssss creating different outfits. And honestly, who can blame me it was fun. When I found out the website was going to shut down I was gutted because, to put it bluntly, there isn’t another platform like it. Now althoughContinue reading “Good Bye Polyvore I Will Miss You 😞”

Who Knew Trousers Could Be So Stylish?

There was honestly a point in time where I couldn’t imagine ever wearing trousers as a part of a casual outfit. The reason for this was back when I was in secondary school there weren’t many cute trousers out there so I only really had jeans. But in the last couple of years clothing stores,Continue reading “Who Knew Trousers Could Be So Stylish?”

I Really Appreciate Mom Jeans!

So earlier this year I decided to give my skinny jeans to charity because, after months of not wearing them, due to lockdown, I realised how uncomfortable they are. However, as getting rid of my skinny jeans meant I would only have one pair left. I decided to purchase mom jeans to make up forContinue reading “I Really Appreciate Mom Jeans!”