Rediscovering Jayla Darden was a Beautiful Experience

In 2019, I came across Jayla Darden, an RnB artist with a beautiful, soothing, fairy-like voice and a range of high-quality melodies. Her songs became my go-to for listening to music throughout that year and 2020, particularly her addictive beat “Idea 742” which was a firm favourite. However, as time went by and I discoveredContinue reading “Rediscovering Jayla Darden was a Beautiful Experience”

Who Knew Music Could Sound So Good During Lock Down

I don’t know how but quarantine has exposed me to some good music lately, and honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful. As I need all the entertainment I can get while stuck at home. So, as quarantine, for the most part, is still going on I thought I would share some of my favourite songsContinue reading “Who Knew Music Could Sound So Good During Lock Down”