My Favourite Make-Up Looks During Quarantine

As quarantine has provided me with sooooooooooo much free time. I decided to use this opportunity to experiment with make-up, to eradicate my boredom. Which wasn’t successful in the end as lawd I was still bored. However, after scrolling through my phone’s gallery I realised I created some cute looks (for an amateur). So today’sContinue reading “My Favourite Make-Up Looks During Quarantine”

Who Knew Music Could Sound So Good During Lock Down

I don’t know how but quarantine has exposed me to some good music lately, and honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful. As I need all the entertainment I can get while stuck at home. So, as quarantine, for the most part, is still going on I thought I would share some of my favourite songsContinue reading “Who Knew Music Could Sound So Good During Lock Down”