It’s Important to Plan Before You Shop

As I am no longer a fan of skinny jeans, and thus have donated the ones I previously owned to charity. I decided to purchase two new pairs of wide-leg jeans, from Shein, to replenish my jean collection. When I initially bought these jeans I was excited because they looked pretty cool on the website.Continue reading “It’s Important to Plan Before You Shop”

Who Knew Trousers Could Be So Stylish?

There was honestly a point in time where I couldn’t imagine ever wearing trousers as a part of a casual outfit. The reason for this was back when I was in secondary school there weren’t many cute trousers out there so I only really had jeans. But in the last couple of years clothing stores,Continue reading “Who Knew Trousers Could Be So Stylish?”

Now I Get The Hype With Black Leggings

Once upon a time, I AVOIDED black leggings like the plague. And at the time it made sense because the way some people styled black leggings, during my school’s non uniform day, was not it. However, times have drastically changed and so has my opinion of them. I originally bought these leggings to also replaceContinue reading “Now I Get The Hype With Black Leggings”