So I Finally Got Covid-19

So after successfully dodging covid for two years. On Thursday 8th July 2022 I, unfortunately, caught it ๐Ÿ™ƒ.

And overall, this experience was SHIT!

Physical Health

So there were several reasons why having covid was shit. Obviously, the main reason why it was terrible was that it negatively impacted my physical health. My symptoms included a headache, muscle aches and a high body temperature. Plus a runny nose with a mucus cough.

Though I was lucky to not have to deal with a headache and muscle aches for too long. Throughout my isolation period, I was constantly coughing and blowing my nose. Plus I ALWAYS. FELT. WARM. This was infuriating to go through as I couldn’t sleep properly resulting in me being tired AF. And it was hard to cool down as it’s literally summer. This was such an uncomfortable experience. I DON’T EVER want to endure this again.

Mental Health

Apart from me physically feeling horrendous. COVID-19 messed up my mental health and led me to have depressive episodes for several reasons. Firstly I was feeling really insecure about my appearance as I looked awful. I KNEW that I wouldn’t look my best because I legit had covid. But there is something shitty about looking terrible due to poor health. As in my case, it personally felt like a constant reminder of how bad things were.

Secondly having covid meant I had to cancel my plans. One of which included seeing my favourite artist live at a concert. To this day, Iโ€™m still not over this. Because you can’t just rebook a concert. And it’s not guaranteed my favourite artist will come back to the country I live in again. And that really sucks because the pandemic has already taken so much from me. And now itโ€™s robbed me of an experience I wonโ€™t get again.

Moreover, having to isolate yourself in your room for 10 days is a very lonely and boring experience. And it hurts, even more, to isolate during the summer. Because while everyone is having fun in the gorgeous whether you are stuck indoors.

And even though I had entertainment to keep me somewhat amused. It still DID NOT and DOES NOT compare to being outside with friends and making memories. And most importantly, reclaiming back the lost time from 2020 and 2021.

The Aftermath

So I am now covid free which is a good thing. And luckily I have not had to deal with any nasty long covid symptoms (yet because who knows what could happen).

But with that being said, to be honest, this experience has really shaken me up. I feel anxious about socialising. Plus I do not look forward to it anymore because I am scared of getting covid again. And that is such a shame because before this mess there was soo many things I really wanted to do.

Final Thoughts

Though I never thought the pandemic was over, testing positive for covid did give me a nasty reality check. It reminded me to move with more caution when going to work and seeing friends. As, unfortunately, covid is literally everywhere.

Love Chizoba x


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