Story Time: Seeing Janelle Monáe Live

So on July 2nd, I had the opportunity to see Janelle Monáe live and guys all I can say is your girl is officially starstruck! I had the most amazing experience and every part of the show was wonderful.

Now as this experience was extraordinary, it’s only fair that I tell you what happened. So if you’re intrigued to know why this concert was fire keep reading…

Okay, so this story takes place at 11 am where I pretty much got up and prepared myself for one of the littest nights of my life. Now, although the concert wasn’t until much later in the evening I deliberately woke up this early, because I hate rushing and I wanted to get prepared in peace. Once I had gotten ready, I checked my bag at least three times to make sure I had my ticket.

I arrived at the venue around 6 pm leaving me some time to waste before the concert started. During that time I ate something, charged my phone and of course started vlogging via Instagram, as this was an event that needed to be documented.

At around 7 pm the concert started, with Grace Carter as the opening act. Grace Carter’s performance had a calm vibe as a lot of her songs were ballads. I enjoyed her performance as she had a beautiful, soulful voice. Furthermore, I appreciated the fact that her songs were quite personal as you could see the passion and emotion that went in when she was singing. Moreover, I think it was a good idea that the concert started on a slow vibe as if it was upbeat I don’t think I would’ve had the energy for Janelle’s performance.

After Grace’s performance, there was a mini-break, which was much needed as I didn’t want to go to the toilet when Janelle Monáe was performing. As soon as the break was over I rushed to my seat as that was when the star of the show arrived. Janelle slowly entered the stage performing her first song of the night ‘Dirty Computer’ and I was living for that dynamic entrance. Soon after that, she performed the second song of the night ‘Crazy, Classic, Life’, which in my opinion was a great choice as it got the crowd hyped.

Throughout the night Janelle performed various songs from her latest album, Dirty Computer, such as: ‘Pynk’, ‘Make Me Feel’, and ‘Django Jane’ as well as some of my faves like ‘I Like That’ and ‘Screwed’. Apart from that she also performed some of her classic hits like ‘Yoga’, ‘Electric Lady’ and ‘Tightrope’; all of which I danced hard to.

Not only was it cool to hear Janelle’s angelic voice live, but It was also great to see the way she interacted with her talented dancers and musicians. Plus the few lucky fans who were invited on stage. All of which were entertaining and added to the night. Another aspect of the concert that topped it off for me was the surprise appearance of Lupita Nyong’o! Yes, the surprise appearance of Lupita Nyong’o. Now all I can say is that when Lupita came on stage I nearly dropped. To this day I am still in disbelief that I got to see her in person!

An additional feature from this concert that was also good, was Janelle Monáe using her platform to raise awareness of the oppression that various marginalised groups are still facing to this day. It was important that she did that as overall we must continue to raise awareness and fight so we can live in a world where everyone is treated with the respect that they deserve.

With only a couple of minutes, until the concert finished, Janelle ended the night with a bang showcasing the highest level her vocals could go. And boy was that spiritual. It was a phenomenal way to end a phenomenal night.

Final Thoughts

So basically guys that’s how the concert went. I am over the moon that I got to see Janelle Monáe live as overall it was a magical and an enjoyable experience, that I will never forget.

Love Chizoba x


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